#5FandomFriday: Things Obtained at Cons

July 17, 2015
It's that time again! This week's topic is things bought at cons. Just last week I was at San Diego Comic Con, hence my lack of posting. It was, once again, a great and fun experience. Of course, I had the opportunity to add things to my collection.

1) Artemis Entreri v Drizzt Do'Urden print

I got this from Todd Lockwood's booth at SDCC last year (I think) and it was my favorite thing. I'd purchased another of his prints before which he actually signed, but this is my favorite because it has my favorite character (Entreri). 

2) Dragon Balls

These were given to me as a gift. I've been a fan of DB and DBZ since childhood, so when I found out these were available and I had no money left for purchases that year, I was definitely very sad! I'm lucky to have such great people in my life. 

3) Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman print

When I saw this Mikasa print by Greg Horn, I knew I had to have it. I wasn't much aware of his artwork, and I'm not necessarily a huge fan of it, but this one was just too perfect. I was cosplaying a version of Mikasa that day too, so it was perfect. 

4) Deadpool Chimichanga Edition

I'm new to the Deadpool comics, but in a short time I've become a huge fan of the merc with a mouth (I actually cosplayed as a lady version of him this year), so I HAD to get this! I got it at the Kotobukiya booth at this year's SDCC. The detail is amazing and the price was reasonable. It was definitely worth it. 

5) Han Solo area rug

I got it from The Wonk Shop at SDCC this year, they're over on Twitter @TheWonkShop, and they had so many to choose from! The day I found them they had sold out of the Chewbaccas, but they had a Death Star and a Millenium Falcon in different sizes. This rug is both awesome and so comfortable to sit on/step on! What do you think? 

8 comments on "#5FandomFriday: Things Obtained at Cons"
  1. I love the Drizzt soo much!!! And Han goes without saying. My daughter just got into Attack on Titan. Good to know there are awesome things we can find at cons for it!

    1. I am a HUGE fan of the LoD books! So sad R.A. Salvatore has not been to SDCC, since that's the only time I can really afford to take a vacation! I used to be more into the toys and clothes, but over the past two years I've developed a greater appreciation for the artwork and the small press.

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    1. It looks a bit bigger in the picture I think, I got the "small" version, it's about 6' in length! Can't remember how big the "large" was!

  3. OMG!! Dragon Balls!!! :D And Dead Pool! :D

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    1. Thanks! I thought it was great too :D I was hoping to see the artist this year again, to see if he'd done anything else AoT related, but didn't find him.