About me:

I am a psychologist in southern California who likes to blog about psychology. I love anime, Dungeons & Dragons, and Asian dramas.

What's up with this blog:

I started this blog for these reasons:

1) to share information about psychology
2) to explore the depictions of psychology in various forms of entertainment
4) because it brings me joy

I write about the psychology of different things, like television series, characters from works of fiction, or psychological disorders as represented in works of fiction, all based on my own opinions. My opinions are my own, and I write for fun. I am not writing on behalf of any organization, company, or any other individual. I don't provide professional behavioral health/therapeutic services through this blog. Do not use this to contact me for therapeutic services. Definitely do not use this blog to seek emergency services (call your local crisis line instead). 

You may notice the relative inactivity in this blog. I have a full time primary job as well as a part time private practice. While I love writing about these things, I also want to keep things healthy and balanced, and that often means spending more time with family and friends than blogging. 

So hang out, look around, and have a good time! ♥