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Princess Leia Comic Series!

March 19, 2016

(Read more on Princess Leia here). I am excited to have finally finished reading this Princess Leia five-issue series. The short series is now available in a compilation. I was very pleased with the writers' portrayal of Leia and her goals post-A New Hope. I was also happy with how much more we saw of her and her worldview in only a few issues (minor spoilers ahead).

One of the traits I have always admired about Princess Leia, which made her my favorite princess from the first time I saw her, was her determination. When Princess Leia wants something done, she gets it done. She does not wait around unless she has no choice. This made her a great role model then and it still does now.

This series takes us through Leia's actions after the destruction of her home planet of Alderaan. After the destruction of Alderaan, Leia teams up with a pilot named Evaan and R2-D2 to find survivors across the galaxy. Despite having lost so much and although she is in pain, Leia's priority is to secure the safety of the remaining Alderaanians before they are found by the Empire. She is focused and determined to achieve that goal, even if it means having to break a few rules (when have a few rules ever stopped Leia?).

One of the things I most enjoyed is that we get a few glimpses of her childhood and some good memories with her adoptive father. We see what kind of a woman Leia's adoptive mother was and the impact she had on those whose lives she touched. We see how Leia was as a child and how the lessons her father and mother taught her helped shape who she became. These lessons helped inculcate in Leia the importance of her station and what it truly means to be a "princess," which is a refreshing change from the norm. We learn a bit about Alderaanian culture and creativity. Though we've seen Leia lead the rebellion, this series shows us how passionate and genuine Leia is when it comes to saving her people, and she truly shines in that context.

If you have not read these issues yet and are a Star Wars fan, I absolutely recommend this. Especially if Princess Leia changed your perspective on princesses as much as it did mine.
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