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Favorite Fictional Mothers, Part 2

May 13, 2018
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In celebration of Mothers' Day weekend, I decided to write about five of my favorite fictional mothers. You may wonder why this is part two... that is because I have done a similar post in years past, where I listed my top five favorite fictional mothers. I thought this was a good opportunity to celebrate other awesome fictional moms, so I thought about different mothers this time around.

1) Bulma Briefs (Dragon Ball series)

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I was first introduced to Bulma when I was in third grade. She is Goku's best friend throughout the series. She is the driving force behind the search for the Dragon Balls. Without Bulma, there is no Dragon Ball series. Bulma invents the radar to search for the Dragon Balls, which leads her to Goku, which leads them on their adventures. Bulma invents the time machine that ends up saving Goku and at least one version of the timeline. And for some reason, before writing this post, I never thought of her as a mother even though she became a mother in Dragon Ball Z. I always thought of Bulma as the coolest and smartest girl across all the anime series I have ever watched. There is nobody smarter than her. She is a scientist and an inventor, and as a mother, she allows Trunks a level of independence that helps him reach his potential. Bulma is my favorite anime mom.

2) Nani Pelekai (Lilo & Stitch)

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Nani is not a mother by birth but she is a mother figure to her little sister, who she's had to raise on her own. It must have been extremely difficult for Nani to care for Lilo when she was in mourning herself. Nani tries her hardest to make it work and to keep their little family together. She always puts Lilo first. 

3) Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)

Joyce is one of the strongest mother figures in television today, in my opinion. Her undying faith in her son is part of what drives the story. Not only has she raised two boys by herself, but she raised them to be good people. When nobody believes her, Joyce does what she has to do to get her son back, even when this means doing things for which other people might label her "crazy." 

4) Sophia Petrillo (The Golden Girls)

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Sophia is someone I want to be like when I grow up. She's a hilarious and down to earth lady. She brings the show together. Sophia always has a story to share that may or may not be relevant to the topic of discussion. Whether her stories are relevant or not, they are always entertaining, and more often than not include some real-life wisdom that even the other women might benefit from.

5) Penelope Alvarez (One Day At A Time)

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As she states in the above gif, Penelope is a real badass. She was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army and deployed as a medic to Afghanistan. During the show, she is a nurse and is a mother of two kids, whom she is raising on her own with the help of her own mother. The show sees the family going through difficulties which Penelope has to face, including her own post traumatic stress from the Army and her soon-to-be-ex-husband's struggles with alcohol abuse. She is nonjudgmental and accepting of her kids, and of course, she can also assemble a rifle in 13 seconds.

So that's my list for this year! Let me know what you think. Who would be your top five?

I hope all you moms out there continue to enjoy your weekend! ♥

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