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Mindful Monday

May 21, 2018

Self-care is about doing the things you have to do to be able to function. That may mean going to work or school, taking care of another person, maintaining your home, or being there for a loved one. Many of us place others before ourselves, and oftentimes that might mean overlooking little things that we have to do for ourselves. Have you ever found yourself halfway through your day and you haven’t eaten yet? Skipping a meal once in a while because you’re in a hurry is so common. It might not hurt you if you do it once, maybe a few times here and there, but it can be easy for those things to start piling up, and after a while they can start taking a toll on your health.

Take a few minutes to think about your daily routine. Are there times during your day that you typically rush through? Maybe you tend to eat quickly and/or standing up, or skip meals altogether. I am not here to tell you how to eat, and I am not a nutritionist or dietician, but it is typically not healthy to skip meals. And almost anybody would tell you that a meal is more enjoyable if you can sit and take your time to eat it.

Today’s tip is to pick one meal during your day that you will commit to enjoy. By enjoy, I mean sit down, turn off any electronic devices, and let your senses do their job. Notice the different colors and textures in your food. Notice what the different ingredients look like together. Lean toward your food a bit and use your nose! Inhale and notice the scents. Maybe there are several scents that you can pick up. Notice any herbal scents, sweet or spicy scents, citrusy or earthy scents. Notice how the scents go together. Notice how your food moves when you pick it up. As you take a bite, notice what it feels like as it touches your lips. Notice the immediate taste as it touches your tongue, and what it feels like in your mouth. Notice all the different tastes and textures. Notice what it feels like as you swallow your food. Maybe you’re enjoying some kind of beverage. Notice if and how your beverage affects the way your food tastes. As you keep enjoying your meal, notice any changes in how your stomach feels as it gets full. Pay attention to the moment you have now, because it’s the only moment you’ll get to experience this meal at this time. You’ll enjoy tons more meals and tons more moments, but this one is unique, as are all the other moments you will enjoy in your life. So give yourself permission to enjoy a meal.♥
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